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UHMW Wheels

UHMW WheelsMy first time CNC routing UHMW. While a single flute upcut spiral bit works and makes mostly chips, it does create a string of material (continuous top edge bur). If that string isn't removed after each pocketing pass (more often on big pockets?) it will get caught and wrap around the bit (not good). A down cut spiral might be a better choice (no bur to string?), a straight two flute is not (leaves a fuzzy track).

The goal is to make something like a V-wheel with pockets on each side for bearings. Using registration pins is the most accurate way I know to register stacked pieces and two sided cuts. Unfortunately I have never gotten perfect alignment with cutting half way through and flipping the piece to cut through the other half. This was no exception, there is a slight interior and exterior offset where the two half depth cuts meet.
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