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My small wood and metalworking shop provides consultation, design and manufacturing services to businesses, homeowners, makers and DIY's. My main interest is in turning ideas into aesthetic and functional products, I am happy to help others with any aspect of that process as well as providing complete custom designed creations, e.g. custom cabinetry.

The standard shop rate is $40hr with a $20 minimum. The minimum shop rate, for new and interesting projects/customers, is $20hr. The consultation and design rate is $20hr. Initial consultations and estimates are free.

Need something cut, drilled, tapped. notched, etc.? Happy Hour is 4 to 6PM. Anything that can be done within 15 minutes is ten bucks.

Basic capabilities:
      Sheet good processing:
         Cutting and sizing up to 4 x 8'
         Edgebanding up to 1/8 x 1-7/8"
         Vacuum pressing (e.g. raw veneer) up to 47 x 95"
         21 spindle line and construction boring up to 8'
         13 spindle line/face boring
         3 spindle European hinge boring
      Solid wood sizing (1 x 10' max) and shaping
         6" joiner
         9" planer
         12" drum sander
         3hp table router
         spindle sander
      Wood dyeing and water based finishing up to 4 x 8'
      Sheet metal processing:
         36" shear
         4" notcher
         24" box break
      Drilling, reaming and tapping up to 4 x 96" flat stock
      Milling up to 4 x 8" flat stock
      Steel cut-off and processing up to 1-1/8" round, 4" flat

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