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32mm Cabinetmaking

The 32mm system is a method of designing/building cabinets using 32mm increments to size and index cabinet components. The 32mm system aspect of any cabinetmaking system (framed or frameless) is anything (holes, components, etc.) that is consistently sized in 32mm increments and/or located some multiple of 32mm apart.

Using 32mm increments is a constraint, the more you incorporate it into your cabinetmaking system, the less flexible (certain aspects) and more efficient your system will be. The goal of this site is to provide options, to present all the possible ways that the 32mm system can used to build cabinets. While any use of 32mm increments needs to be consistent to be efficient, using the 32mm system is not an all or nothing proposition.

While there is a lot of information on this site, it is far from comprehensive. Your questions and comments are welcome.

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What all modular 32mm systems have in common

What all 32mm systems have in common
  • Faces (door, drawer, etc.) are some multiple of 32mm (32m) tall (and wide) minus the desired gap (g)
  • Face top/bottom edges (plus 1/2 gap) center on (system registration), or between (shifted registration), system holes
  • System holes are 32mm apart and 5mm in diameter (hardware for 3mm system holes is limited).
  • There are at least two vertical rows (full or partial) of system holes that are some multiple of 32mm apart.
  • When the faces overlay the panel, the front system row is 37mm from the front of the panel
  • When the faces are inset flush to the panel, the front row is 37mm plus face thickness (FT) from the front
  • With balanced panels (f/b), the system rows are the same distance from the front and back of the panel
  • The back row can be any distance from the back of the panel, but using the same distance for all panels (c) is preferred
  • Door hinge cups are some multiple of 32mm apart and an equal distance from the top and bottom of the door
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