Welcome to the home of Dave Lers DBA Bellingham Bay Woodcraft. Professionally I'm a designer and craftsman working with wood to create fine custom cabinetry and casegood furniture. I also design and work with metal, electronics and websites/Perl/Linux. This site covers professional and personal projects and the tools and methods I use to achieve them.

Bellingham Bay Woodcraft (BBW)

Churchfield TV CabinetI established Bellingham Bay Woodcraft in 1989 and specialize in architectural woodwork and casegood furniture.
- Pictures/descriptions of some of the work I've done over the years.

32mm Cabinetmaking (32mm)

32mm Cabinetmaking (32mm)I've been experimenting with and using the 32mm cabinetmaking system since the early '90s.
- 32mm system basics and numerous examples of how 32mm increments can be used to design/build cabinets.


WorkshopCNC Routers, Woodworking, Veneering and Metalworking
- Tools and methods I use for work and play.