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Inset-Flush Half-Overlay

Inset-Flush Half-OverlayUsing any combination of applied panels and trim it is possible to use half-overlay boxes for inset-flush cabinets. The advantage over inset-flush boxes is that the box doesn't have to match and the applied panels/trim are easy to mount and scribe to the wall.

The applied panels have a built up front edge similar to a built down laminate counter top. The build up needs to be at least the same thickness as the drawer and door face overlay. With 19mm box panels and 3mm reveal, the overlay / minimum buildup is 8mm. With 19mm material for the applied end plus 8mm for the overlay, the front edge will be 27mm. These panels can be screwed to the cabinet from inside the box.

Inset-Flush Half-OverlayMy preference is 1-1/2" applied panels to match my standard 1-1/2" wide trim at walls and ceiling. Any combination of stock materials can be used for the panel and the buildup. I typically use 19mm/3/4" for the panel and the buildup. The 19mm buildup less the 8mm overlay leaves an 11mm void between the box and the applied panel. My solution is to use Mod-eez keyhole connectors (9mm tall) and special spacer washers (2mm) to mount the panels to the box.

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Re: Inset-Flush Half-Overlay
Posted by Terry on Saturday, 02-May-2020

I love the color of this cabinet ... do you recall what it was finished with?

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Re: Inset-Flush Half-Overlay
Posted by Dave L on Sunday, 03-May-2020

The cabinet is Maple with a water-clear water based finish (Kem Aqua).

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