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Construction Boring Fence and Stops

Construction Boring StopsConstruction Boring StopsI've gone through a lot of fence and stop setups. I've been using this one for a while now. The basic idea is stops that can be easily and accurately set, moved and reset to accommodate any construction or line boring start hole distance. I do too many different things on my machine to be able to set and forget my stops.

It probably depends on the machine, but I was able to set mine up so that the fence doesn't need to be moved. The stock position allows 0-38mm face boring and and all end boring (it can be moved back in 16mm increments for other tasks, e.g. moved 32mm back for inset-flush line boring). For the standard boring (line or construction) of any material thickness, the only thing that needs to change is the position of the drill head. Moving the head is easily and accurately accomplished thanks to a digital position indicator on the crank (see Flip-flop Boring Machine). See Foolproof Mating for a no move method.

The pictured fence has 4mm holes every 16mm. The construction boring stops have 4mm spring plungers (the knurled knobs) that mate with the 4mm holes in the fence. The actual material stops are M8 bolts with the tip machined flat and drilled/tapped for M4 threaded posts. The stop can be used with or without the posts and can be fine tuned by loosening the lock nut. Bolt head flats or lines on the socket head reference a ~.2mm (.208) change in the stops location. The posts are Minifix bolts machined to 1mm increments. The posts allow easy and accurate changing of the start hole distance without moving the stops, e.g. to offset leveler mounting holes 16mm from construction holes.

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