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With the exception of the wood veneer category, most of the items here are miscellaneous stuff I'd like to get rid of. Make me an offer. I'd rather not deal w/ shipping so this page is primarily for folks willing to pick stuff up from the Alabama hill neighborhood in Bellingham WA. If it's listed, its still available (sold items are promptly removed).

ER-20 Collet Racks

ER-20 Collet RacksER-20 Collet RackThese are designed to hold 15 er-20 collets with nuts attached. They measure 6-3/4 x 4 x 1, have 3/4" holes on 34mm centers, and are made from 1/4" thick Corian and 1/4" stainless shoulder bolts. Request threaded (m4) bolts if mounting is desired. The two currently available have some chipping around the holes, so $9ea ($16 w/ tapped bolts).

The second tray is for work in progress and has 3/8" half round groves for holding bits, taps etc. It is made from 1/2" Corian, has plain steel feet (m6), and measures 6-3/4 x 3-5/8 x 7/8. One available for $18.
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Scribe Holders

Scribe HoldersScribe HoldersThese 1-1/4" aluminum channel brackets are used to hold scribe trim 1" away from where it will be when installed. The 1" offset makes it easy to accurately mark the scribe for cutting. The brackets mount to the trim with two flat head screws located 32mm apart. The same screw holes can be used to mount Keku connectors to the trim. For inset scribes (case fillers), the screw holes are located 15mm from the inside edge of the scribe. For overlay scribes it's 15mm plus the desired overlay. The brackets work with standard 5/8 and 3/4" frameless cabinet boxes. Note: While accurately machined and functional, these are not pretty. The ones currently available have been machined on the outside, but are a bit dinged up on the inside. Five are currently available. Sold in sets of three for $60.
See also: Scribing Cabinet Trim and Keku Scribe Tool
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Light Industrial Lot

Light Industrial LotFor sale (owner financing), trade or partnership is a ~40x125' (4,992sf) zero-lot-line lot zoned light industrial and located at 2121 Humboldt St. in Bellingham WA. The the asking price is $195,900 (Jun '17)... Sold $175k.
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Sailboard Blanks

Sailboard BlanksSailboard BlanksSmall shaped and larger unshaped. $20ea.
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Radial Arm Saw

Radial Arm SawRadial Arm SawSears "best" (at that time) Craftsman 10" radial with heavy custom workbench. Saw mounts under workbench. Workbench top has slots (filled in the image) for rip and crosscut fences and breaks down into three 12" x 8' x 3" pieces (splined and bolted together). $180

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Honda Snow Tires w/ Rims

Honda Snow Tires w/ RimsFrom a '78 Civic. The rims are approximately 13-1/4" in diameter. The lug pattern is square, 4 holes approximately 3-3/8" center to center. Tires are 15.5x12. $30
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Honda Clutch Assembly

Honda Clutch AssemblyFor '73-79 Honda Civics. New, $20
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Zig-Zag rolling papers

Zig-Zag rolling papersZig-Zag white paper 24 booklet box, $15
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SailboardsSailboardsSailboardsSailboards7'-6" to 12'
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