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While I have tried numerous Linux distributions, I've had the most luck, and spent the most time, with Mandriva. Other distros I've tried include SUSE 10.1, KUbuntu 7.1 and PCLinuxOS 2007 (Mandriva based). I've also spent quite a bit of time with the GeeXboX multimedia distribution.

Distro CD's and DVD's

While downloading from mirrors, or via BitTorrent, is what I usually do, buying a CD/DVD may be more convenient and doesn't have to cost much. A few possibilities are:

   eBay (OS : Linux, lowest shipped price first)

Jul '14: None of the sites that were here are active and I haven't tried the new(er) ones.
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PCLinuxOS AKA PCLOS. I've got 2007 on one of my PC's. I like it better than its parent, Mandriva. Simple logistics (a Mandriva desktop that is currently handing most server tasks, i.e. needs to be up 24/7) have it on the back burner... That was some time ago. These days everything is running some flavor of PCLOS (MiniMe, LXDE, etc.)
current .iso's
archived .iso's
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"Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD"

If you want to see what's out there, from popular to obscure, this is the place.
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