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NOTE: This is all pre 4.0 and likely no longer of much use.

My favored GUI (graphical user interface) is KDE and my favorite editor is Kate. While there are other category topics (e.g. Archiving) that have KDE related tips, this is for KDE specific stuff.

USB Mixed Case

USB Mixed CaseI was trying to move an upper case directory/contents to a USB stick and it kept getting converted to lower case. I went to the KDE System menu, right clicked on the drive and changed Properties : Mounting : Short names to mixed case. Names were still getting converted to lower case until I unmarked the UTF-8 charset option.
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ArkI use Ark a lot and was surprised to find that there is no Ark website. The only thing I did find was The Ark Handbook (same as Ark Help/F1).

I was looking for a way to set the default right-click 'extract to' directory. The handbook says you can do it here but there is no such configuration option (the doc maintainer told me its no longer an option). In ~/.kde/share/config/arkrc you can edit extractionHistory (something I was happy to discover) but not the default 'extract to' directory.

See also: Archiving
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KDEWalletThere seems to be a bug where the wallet saves but somehow doesn't apply new mappings. The fix is to close the wallet before you shut down the PC or after you've filled in a name/password you know you've filled in before.

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Konqueror Web Archive

WARArchiving webpages (html, images, css, etc.) as a single file (.war, Web ARchive) is a handy Konqueror plugin that comes with the kdeaddons package. I was ready to write .war's off until I found out that .war files are Tar (gzipped, i.e. .tar.gz/.tgz) archives. When viewing one of these files in Konqueror, hitting the browser 'Up' arrow opens the archive. You can also change the file extension to .tar/.tar.gz/.tgz and do whatever you want.

I don't know what the best way to serve these is. I've added .war to the gzip AddType line in httpd.conf.

    AddType application/x-gzip .gz .tgz .war

It works in Firefox (wants to open wars in ark by default) but, whatever I try, Konqueror keeps wanting to open them as plain text. It would be nice if they could work like they do when on the local filesystem (view as webpage).

"kmhtConvert is a utility to convert mht (Windows Web Archive) files to war (KDE Web Archive) files."
SafariWar for Mac OS 10.3 and above. "With this little tool it is possible to open and display Konqueror web archive format."
Nautilus scripts includes an Open [.war] in Konqueror script.
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Shell Scripts

I'm not a fan of the command line. While there are places where it is handy and fast, running shell scripts is usually a pain. Instead of somehow getting to the right directory and then typing in ./[scriptname], I've found that I can drag and drop shell scripts to Konsole (Hit enter to run).

I've been finding more and more uses for shell scripts (e.g. rsync) and related shortcuts (e.g. unrar) and the following could be a starting point for some real scripting.

Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide - "This tutorial assumes no previous knowledge of scripting or programming, but progresses rapidly toward an intermediate/advanced level of instruction"
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Bookmarklets in Konqueror
"Fortunately there is one underadvertized features in Konqueror which is Minitools...Minitools is part of kdeaddons package. It provides an additional Minitools menu item under Tools. It also adds a Minitools button on the Extras toolbar.

I was glad to discover this. Bookmarklet functionality is something I missed in Konqueror (they don't work in the regular bookmark section like they do in Firefox).
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