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DNS Bajaj
Graphical DNS checker, just the basics.
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Domain name DNS test
A handy tool to test just about every aspect of your DNS server. I use it in place of the no longer free tools at DNSstuff and the DNS Report site which now redirects to DNSstuff.
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Internic | Whois
Whois Search for Domain, Registrar, or Nameserver.
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Netcraft: Domains
Domain name news and pricing... too much outdated stuff.
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Reference: named.conf
"This section defines in summary format all the statements available in BIND 9.3.0 named.conf."
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Secure BIND Template
"This article presents a template for deploying a secure BIND configuration, thus mitigating some of the risk of running the BIND server."

Split Views with Bind 9 Howto
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SPF: A Sender Policy Framework to Prevent Email Forgery
Domain owners identify sending mail servers in DNS. SMTP receivers verify the envelope sender address against this information, and can distinguish authentic messages from forgeries before any message data is transmitted.

Their setup tool is limited to SoftFail (~all) and doesn't mention the Fail (-all) option. With -all anything you don't specify will fail (not authorized VS probably not authorized) and testing your DNS entry first is a good idea.

Python Based SPF Record Testing Tools
SPF Tester at DNSStuff
SPF Introduction (where I found the -all reference)
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Your Domain for Less
"Free information on where to register your domain name for less"

I don't know of any sites that include transfer and renewal prices. Since I'm looking at transferring from GoDaddy (no longer the cheapest and renewal prices are usually higher than transfer/new prices), here's what I found in DEC '05:

Netfirms: transfers higher than new, $9.95
RegistryWeb and 1&1: same as new registration
IPower and Yahoo: apparently N/A
GoDaddy: typically $1 less than new registration

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