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WFNzb is a script that watches for and fetches nzbs from NzbsRus.com, NzbMatrix.com and Nzbs.org. TV (new and missed episodes) and movie titles on your watch list will be automatically downloaded and queued.

All NzbsRus, NzbMatrix and Nzbs.org categories can be browsed and searched. Nzbs on browse and search result pages can be queued to any configured nzb category. TV and movie category browse pages are automatically updated when the script checks for new nzbs matching titles on the watch lists.

Binsearch.info can be searched (it has too much unfiltered content to use for the watch lists) and nzbs can be downloaded/queued to any configured nzb category.

While the script has the most features when used with PPWeb, not even NZBGet is required (...not tested in a long time). The script uses stock Perl libraries (libwww and SSLeay may need to be installed) and should work on any *nix system.

You need to be a registered user at NzbsRus.com and/or NzbMatrix.com (paid or free accounts) and/or Nzbs.org.

NOTE: WFNzb has matured and expanded quite a bit since this page was written. WFNzb is now an integral part of PPWeb.

see also: PPWeb:New

Watch List

Watch ListVideo/movie and TV entries can be added, edited, deleted and disabled on the Watch List page. Entries can also be added to the watch list using nzb browse page entry "Watch" links. The minimum watch list entry is a title.

The watch list title entry may include a single title or a comma separated list of title variations (e.g. IMDb name and AKA names). When entering a list, the first name will be used for the downloaded/saved/queued nzb-name unless you specify a Save Name.

TV watch list entries are episode based, only episodes newer that the entered episode will be downloaded (there is a Db look-up that can catch missed episodes). The default entry is 100 which means that the first episode found over 100 will be downloaded, e.g. s01e01 (101) or 3x04 (304).

TV quality options are category based. Nzb's from nzb site TV-XviD categories are typically 350MB each, AKA standard resolution (SR). Nzb's from nzb site TV-HD categories are typically ~1GB, AKA high definition/resolution (HR). When adding a watch list entry select the quality you want, SR or HR.

Video/movie quality options are based on standard labels found in the listing title. The script allows for variations of common labels (e.g. DVDRip/BRRip/BDRip...). When adding a watch list entry, select the lowest quality you are willing to accept. The script will also look for all higher quality labels and download the first it finds (e.g. a DVDRip if set to R5 and an R5 is never posted). The options are: DR (DVDRip), R5 (R5 DVDRip), SR (Screener), TC (telecine), TS (telesync) and CM (cam).
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Nzb Browse Pages

Nzb Browse PagesAll browse pages have a row of related links at the top of the page that link to other available browse pages. There's also a link to the watch list add/delete/edit page. If you have a free account, how many free downloads you have left are tracked under the title of the default browse page for that site. Each page has a form that allows you to search all nzb site categories. Search result pages look and function just like the browse pages. Page entries that have been "seen" are grayed. Seen entries are in the database, on the watch list, have been downloaded/queued or are left over from the last update.

Numerous actions can be performed on each entry. The parsed title - which will be the base-name of the downloaded nzb - can be edited. The parsed title - sans any year or episode label - can be added to the watch list. The nzb can be queued to any category or to the hold directory (to be queued, deleted or split at any time). The title or title keywords can be searched for in the database. The title can also be added to the database - with optional seen or ignore flags. The database can be configured to automatically add and track (nzb, sampled and got flags) downloaded nzb titles. All pages related to the above actions link back to the browse page entry via the "Return to" link (e.g. the Db Search Autumn and Watch links from the sample browse page).

Each listing can have outside links to the nzb site listing, the nfo, nzb site comment page, IMDb (or other) search or title page and subtitle site pages. The listings also include various details about the post. Details can include post size, number of pars, group it was posted to, how many times the nzb has been downloaded and how long ago it was posted (if > 10 days).
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