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Nzbget Pre and Post processing functions (nzbgetpp.pl).

NzbProcess (...currently handled by wfnzb.cgi)
      Extracts archived nzb's and autoqueues all nzb's
      Timestamps of nzb's extracted from archives are made current (so they autoqueue)
      Can autorename nzb's, i.e.the download directory name (and extracted files if so configured)
      Can create custom sized sample nzb's (2-9 rars)
      Can autoedit nzbs - customized removal of unwanted files (e.g. samples :-)

      Extracts single and multiple collection downloads (including nested subs)
      Collections can be downloaded on one machine and autoextracted on another machine
      Can extract archives that fail par check (missing subs, sample or non rar files)
      Can do par check, fetch (only what's needed) and repair (requires nzbget >= 0.4.1-r184)
      Extracted files can be saved to custom directories (e.g. Movies, TV, etc.)
      Optional Nzb name and TV show name subdirectories (e.g. TV/Show)
      Files can be autorenamed to 'movie title cd.ext', 'show title ep.ext' and 'nn - song.ext'
      Optional episode title lookups (e.g. Show nnn - title.avi)
      Can save or delete rars, pars and other customized file extensions

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Re: NzbgetPP
Posted by jacki on Saturday, 13-Aug-2011

Re: NzbgetPPHello. I can't get it to delete the DelExt files. I have put
1, sfv, sh, lck, nzb, srr, nfo, par2
in the DelExt line under PP Save/Delete/Rename, but it always saves those files. Any suggestions?

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Re: NzbgetPP
Posted by Dave on Saturday, 13-Aug-2011

The only thing I can think of is that both your SaveDir and Rename settings (same page) are not set, i.e. blank/empty. If that's the case and is the way you want it, you could try commenting out the two lines above and one below the &FindLast call in nzbgetpp.pl. A lot has changed and that restriction may no longer be needed.

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Re: NzbgetPP
Posted by Jacki on Monday, 15-Aug-2011

Funny thing. I put TV under rename and it is deleting the files - not renaming anything though? I have it set up on a Buffalo Linkstation Live CHL-V2 NAS and I had to edit the paths in nzbgetpp.pl to:

$Config = '/mnt/disk1/share/web/htdocs/ppweb/ppweb/conf/ppweb.conf';
require '/mnt/disk1/share/web/htdocs/ppweb/ppweb/lib/ppweb.pm';

same goes for wfnzb.cgi and nzbget_ppweb.cgi. So far I have not managed to get the whole thing working yet.

If I were to do a clean install, do you know which files I should edit paths in? I don't have the /var/www/html folder in my NAS.

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Re: NzbgetPP
Posted by Dave on Monday, 15-Aug-2011

As I say on the download page (now in bold) 'I highly recommend that you follow the README.1st file and leave the default settings alone until you have PPWeb working.' The only settings you might need to change manually are in ppweb_update.cgi. If that doesn't work for some reason, check the server logs and we'll take it from there.

...Because of the many interrelated configuration settings, the only easy way to get everything right it to use the configuration/update script to setup and maintain PPWeb. All errors generated by the configuration/update script need to be addressed before doing anything else. I've added more tests to the script to better detect/fix potential issues. If the script doesn't generate any errors and PPWeb still don't work, I need to know.

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Re: NzbgetPP
Posted by jacki on Monday, 15-Aug-2011

Thanks. That was also my initial approach, but I was still left with half an install. I probably did something wrong. I'll fool around with it some more. Thanks for your fast responses and support. Going through your code, I realize you must have spent a lot of time and effort in making this funky thing :)

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